How to fight global warming with carbon offsets?

global warming5We are doomed to die from global warming may cause those to get befuddled by the statement being that it is repeated over and over again by several high level politicians and green peace advocates. Global warming is the frightening effect of our modern society. It is the effect of actions being hastily made without the consequences being thought through.

A tangible and more scientific definition of global warming is the unatural heating of the earth. This heating up of the earth has come about because of the many green-house gases being released into the atmosphere. These gases arise from gasses emitted from cars, buses, factories, aerosols and even cow flatulence. Don't run to blame the cows for the global as the majority of the damage was caused by the green-house gases. Green-house gases include chlorofluorocarbons such as Freon and carbon dioxide.

These gases destroy the ozone layer which protects our planet from the sunsets harsh and harmful rays. All of these gases are human produced apart from methane which occurs naturally in flatulence. This exposes the earth and its inhabitants to the excess and potent heat of the sun which in turn has detrimental and irreversible effects on the planet. The effects of global warming can observed in nations across the world. Countries such as Ireland and the United Kingdom which experienced a mild maritime climate where winters were mild and snow free and summers never had temperatures past 18/19 degrees celsius now face a new weather structure.

global warming8Winters are cooler and much more bitter starting earlier in October and finishing late in March with extreme levels of snow. Summers are harsher and hotter although shorter they seem to offset instantly and gradually as observed before. Sub-Sahara nations are witnessing hotter and even longer dry seasons with very little rain-fall during the already short rainy season. This has a great impact on the inhabitants of the land who rely on the crops as a source of food for themselves and for the livestock of which they sell to make a living. Farther north the ice caps of the North Pole and melting and the excess waters will cause flooding and over time lower laying regions will be swallowed by the oceans. Global warming is global catastrophe waiting to happen.

The process can however be slowed down. When we dispose of our appliances such as fridges in a responsible manner it means that no excess gases are released into the atmosphere. Freon is a gas found in fries that acts as a coolant. This coolant is in fact a CFC that destroys the ozone layer and so correctly disposing of the fridge it is destroyed in a controlled manner. Using public transport more often helps with global warming as if 100 people collectively take a bus there will be less greenhouse gases emitted compared to if 100 people drive their cars and back.

Using carbon offsets however, isn't a well known method to combat global warming. Carbon Offsets are a method of trade. When you buy an offset, your money goes towards projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The projects might included the restoration of forests or the renovation of buildings to ensure that they are energy efficient. Carbon offsets allow people to pay to reduce the global GHG.