Explore the world of Eco-tourism

Ecotourism4Have you ever heard the term Eco-tourism? If not then am assuring you that after reading this article, you will know more about this different type of tourism. Eco-tourism is an environmentally friendly type of tourism where both the local communities and tourist move from one place to the other to enjoy the aesthetic value of their environment with the main aim of conserving it. In eco-tourism, tourists do not involve themselves in activities such throwing the remains of cigarettes on the dry vegetation because this can result in an outbreak of fire that can burn down the whole the vegetation. The main aim of this type of tourism is to educate tourist and at the same time conserve the natural habitat for the living organisms.

Tree planting projects are activities which are geared towards planting trees in the natural habitat. There is the close relationship between eco-tourism and tree planting projects as both activities offer an insight on the impact of human activities on the environment make tourists appreciate our natural habitat which is covered with both plants and animals. One of the activities that you should involve yourself in when you are going for eco-tourism is planting trees. Trees are very crucial in our environment; they protect and conserve the upper part of the earth surface from activities such as erosion. Most organizations that are the concern with the environment always organize for their workers this type of tourism where the workers as they enjoy the natural habitat, they also involve themselves in planting trees, watering them, weeding them so that the trees can grow and survive well.

Despite the efforts that governments of different countries are putting in place in order to promote eco-tourism, there are some challenges that they still face. The following are some of the challenges that developing countries are facing as they promote eco-tourism and implementing tree plantation projects:

Infrastructure -In developing countries, Eco-tourism is faced with poor transport networks. This has prevented many tourists from reaching the different part of the environment. The poor transport system has made many tourists to use a lot of money on transport. They also take a lot of time moving from one place to the other in order to enjoy the natural environment and also conserve it. There is inadequate knowledge about eco-tourism. The best approach to promote eco-tourism is by ensuring syllabus taught in schools in cooperate topics on tourism, the importance of the environment to human beings and environmental conservation. This will make people know more about the importance of eco-tourism and tree plantation to human to our environment.

Insecurity -increase cases of insecurity has really affected directly the number of tourists visiting different places. Most of the tourists at international waters have reported cases of them being terrorized and kidnapped. This has discouraged them from visiting those places.

Inadequate capital -Most government agencies concentrate only on large investments and development hence neglecting the needs of the local communities. The government should ensure that money is located in hands of indigenous people as a way of providing capital if they are to involve themselves fully in eco-tourism development.

In conclusion, the government of developing countries should contribute widely in development plans of growth and tree planting projects as this will provide a conducive environment for the involvements of local communities in eco-tourism through access to capital and training opportunities.