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With millions of people striving to reach close to nature, ecotourism has evolved as a responsible promise by the tourists to preserve the nature while traveling. Eco-tourists today travel to pristine and fragile places responsibly to promote the small-scale living, experience the natural flora and fauna while being committed to safeguarding the nature’s gift to its utmost! From different walks of life, these eco-tourist personalities and flair teach the world what it is like to travel responsibly towards nature!

Mexico4Sonny: A nature lover and eco-activist

As an ecological activist, l have my fair share of love towards nature. I am a nature lover and when I pack my bags to leave for the mountains I think of the mighty waterfalls and the beauty surrounding it. Therefore it almost comes naturally to avoid plastic completely. With the damage plastic has done on the planet — I try my best to be as close to nature myself when I walk to seek nature in the rawest form. Carrying local food, wearing environmentally sustainable clothes, cleanliness are some of the habits that l have adopted for life!

Kevin: The serious travel blogger/editor and eco-tourism travel agent

Being on the go and close to nature has made me love every aspect of it to the core. I am serious about people throwing dirt around fragile places of travel. I strive to experience pristine unexplored places while bringing them fortune of economic development. I help the locals foster a better life by taking up their services as much as possible. I am very strict about commercializing hidden gems or turning them into areas loaded with environmentally degrading things. As my responsibility and flair, I try to teach fellow travelers the respect for the place!

Dell: forest enthusiast/rogue adventurist and explorer

The forest is home to so much wildlife since we as a species have barely had a chance to study it all. As an upright rogue adventurist and explore I try to visit places that are close to these species of animals but never try to disturb their living. I respect their living, their space and the life they lead. They balance the life we live today! My responsibility as a traveler remains in protecting the sanctity of the forests by bringing awareness about sustainable traveling, responsibility towards nature and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Audry: wordsmith/travel writer

It shall become impossible to write about nature if I find it dying! I write about my travel, experiences, nature and its beauty. The fact that my mind still weaves the stories around nature is because it is so beautiful and majestic. In my writings I try to educate the travelers on ecological travel, Carrying of reusable/recyclable items, save on water and ban plastic. It is upon us to witness the nature while preserving its beauty!

These brave eco-tourists stand firm on their ground with their responsibility towards nature. This page helps raise support of local people living in those pristine zones and make sure that our nature travel is accompanied with more environmentally friendly practices. There is protection towards the heritage, culture, and living of the local communities while staying true to the roots that we have come from! Conservation, preservation, and awareness remain as the inherent part of the eco-tourist at heart. We welcome your ideas likewise- so be sure to let us know what you think.

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